Reference #244054   High Priority Posting - Anesthesiologist Job - (Group: Private Practice)

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Essential Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Facility Name:
St. Joseph's Medical Center
Facility City:
Facility State:
Facility Country:
United States
Duration of position:
Full Time
Brief Description:
Full-time, No buy-in, 2 yrs to partner, 8-10 weeks vacation/yr., No cardiac, transplants, peds. All MDs. Fair & flexible. Water & Mountains
Full Description:
Pacific Anesthesia at St. Joseph Medical Center is currently hiring. We are a group of approximately 75 anesthesiologists with 31 currently assigned to St. Joseph in Tacoma and we provide anesthesia services for a 366-bed level II trauma hospital in all areas of surgery except transplants. Currently pediatric patients are a very small percentage of our anesthesia services. We have a busy labor and delivery service with approximately 350 deliveries a month. We have two surgical sites: 10 main operating rooms and 9 day surgery operating rooms. Approximately 500 heart surgeries a year are performed here including minimally invasive hearts and TAVRs however we require a cardiothoracic anesthesia fellowship and TEE training to provide anesthesia for these cases. We are not currently hiring for cardiac anesthesia. Our thoracic anesthesia service is busy and is open to all members of our group. In addition to the operating rooms we provide services as needed to GI lab, interventional and neurointerventional radiology, MRI and CT scan and cardiac cath lab for catheter-based ablations. Anesthesiologists choose their cases every day and skills would constantly be maintained.

The group has no buy-in, and associates (2 year period) get equal compensation and work opportunities and all the same rights and responsibilities as the shareholders of the group from day one with the exception of a 2-year moratorium on voting within the group during the associate period. We take call approximately eight weekends per year (Sat/Sun). Approximately 3 days per month there are weekday calls and all post-call days (nights, trauma and OB shifts) are off. Night call is generally not working until 8pm. Average vacation taken is 10 weeks/year with more or less vacation available through trading. The work schedule is very flexible and there is frequent trading up and down in the daily schedule to achieve the salary or time off that the anesthesiologist desires. We offer a health plan, LTD, 401K and medical and business expense reimbursement plans.

Tacoma is a lovely, historic waterfront town with a vibrant arts, music, museum, restaurant and sports scene. We have a symphony and a youth symphony, an opera company and ballet as well as several theaters for live performance and the Tacoma Dome for concerts. The 700 acre Point Defiance park with over 20 miles of wooded trails is here as well as a Triple-A baseball franchise, and nearby skiing at Crystal Mountain, The Summit at Snoqualmie, Stevens Pass and White Pass. Spectacular Mt. Rainier can be seen every clear weather day.

Housing is extremely reasonably priced compared to Seattle and a variety of neighborhoods are available with good public and private schools including the public Science and Math Institute (SAMI) School of the Arts, private Charles Wright Academy, Annie Wright School and Bellarmine Preparatory School. Spanish immersion school from kindergarten on is available at Holy Rosary School. There are 3 universities (UW Tacoma, PLU and UPS) and several 2-year colleges in town.
Employment Status:
W-2 (Employee) or
1099 (Independent Contractor)
Start Date:
Definite Job
or a Pending Job:
Definite Job
How often will Anesthesiologist be on FIRST call?
Every FIFTEENTH night FIRST call
Day off after FIRST call?
How often will Anesthesiologist be on SECOND call?
Every FIFTEENTH night SECOND call
How often the Anesthesiologist
will be doing each of the following:
Chronic Pain Management
Cardiac Anesthesia
Thoracic Anesthesia
Major Vascular Anesthesia
Obstetric Anesthesia
Pediatric Anesthesia
Trauma Anesthesia
Critical Care Medicine
Anesthesia for outpatient surgery
Office based Anesthesia
Administrative/ Leadership Duties
Regional Anesthesia
Preop Screening Clinic
Orthopedic Anesthesia
Acute Pain Service
Will anesthesiologist be Medically Directing CRNAs or AAs?
What percentage of the time will anesthesiologist be personally providing anesthesia care?
100% doing own cases

Job Information and Duties [ show unanswered questions ]

Number of Anesthesiologists needed
Is this a Director of Department position?
Does this job lead to partnership?
Number of Full-time anesthesiologists
19 at this facility
Number of Part-time anesthesiologists
Number of Anesthesia technicians
How often are CRNAs performing Operative Cases under medical direction of an anesthesiologist (as opposed to not medically directed)?
How often are CRNAs performing Labor Epidurals under medical direction of an anesthesiologist (as opposed to not medically directed)?

Job Requirements [ show unanswered questions ]

State License Required
ABA Certification Status Required
Candidate in ABA exam system
Select all that are required for this job
Current ACLS card
ABA Re-certification required every ten years
Job located in Medically Underserved Area (MUA)
New Graduates Acceptable?

Salary and Income Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Amount of Sign-on Bonus
Malpractice Paid?
Amount of Malpractice Coverage?
Does this job provide Salary Income?
Does this job provide Percentage Income?
Does this job provide Income as a Full Partner in a group practice?
Does this job provide Income from Fee-for-service individual practice?
Does this job provide Salary from Hospital as an employee?
Does this job provide Other Income from Hospital as an employee?
Weeks Paid Educational Leave
Weeks Paid Vacation
Medical Insurance Paid
Yes, from individual production
Disability Insurance Paid
Yes, from individual production
Retirement Plan Paid
Yes, from individual production
Interview Expenses Paid

Anesthesia Group Information

Anesthesia Group Name
Pacific Anesthesia, P.C.
Anesthesia Group Web Site
Does Anesthesia Group have an exclusive contract?

Facility Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Name of Anesthesiologist who is Group President and years with group
Brad Karr, MD 12 years
Name of additional Anesthesiologist group members and years with group
John Miesburger, MD- 30 years
Christina Seeburger, MD- 15 years
Lee Newkirk, MD- 12 Years
Name of Surgeon who works with group
Douglas Sorensen, MD (ENT)
Name(s) of Anesthesiologist(s) who have left the group
Gregory Summers, MD
Why is the group needing more anesthesiologists?
Expansion of ORs
Owner of Hospital
Name of Hospital Administrator
Ketul Patel
Is practice limited to one hospital or involves several hospitals?
One Hospital
Practice involves a Surgery Center
Practice involves Office Based Anesthesia?
Is there an Approved Physician residency program?
Is there Anesthesia training for Physician house staff?
Is there a CRNA training program?
Average daily census of hospital
Number of licensed beds
Number of OB deliveries per year
City Population
Catchment area for the Hospital
1 million-2 million
Number of surgical cases per year
Federal Government job?
(Any State license will work)

For example:
•    Veterans Affairs (VA)
•    Military
•    Indian Health

Other [ show unanswered questions ]

Contact Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Company Name
Pacific Anesthesia, P.C.
Link to Apply for Job
Contact Name
Dennis Orvosh
Contact Email
Contact Street Address 1
11808 Northup Way
Contact Street Address 2
Contact City
Contact State
Contact Zip Code
Contact Country
United States
Contact Voice Phone
Contact Fax
Contact Web Site
Preferred Contact Method

Post Information

Date Posted 05/13/19 06:55pm
Last Updated 05/13/19 06:55pm
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Reference # 244054
Priority High Priority Posting
Section Anesthesiologist
Form Type Job
User Type Group: Private Practice
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