Reference #251544  CRNA Job - (Group: Private Practice)

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Essential Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Facility Name:
Rust Medical Center
Facility City:
Rio Rancho
Facility State:
New Mexico
Facility Zip Code:
Facility Country:
United States
Facility Website or Video Link
Duration of position:
Full Time
Brief Description:
Rust Medical Center: Main Street is hiring FT CRNAs for our expanding practice in ABQ area. $250-280K 1099 with $40K sign-on/relo bonus!
Full Description:
Join our new practice at Rust Medical Center & Rust ASC where CRNAs and MDs practice independently alongside each other in a Collaborative Anesthesiology Team. You’ll be joining a collegial team of 12 CRNAs and 4 anesthesiologists who prioritize interprofessional collaboration to ensure we’re providing the best possible anesthetic care to our patients. CRNAs with at least one year of experience are preferred, however we will consider new grad CRNAs who are highly motivated to succeed in an independent practice setting. We have a history of developing eager and hungry new grads.

CRNAs will practice to the full scope of their license and independently perform all pre-ops, anesthetics, PACU management, blocks, lines, etc. There is a MD or CRNA facilitator available to help run the board, for consultation, and for a second set of hands in an emergency. Willing to mentor for blocks and lines. Perfect spot for someone who wants to escape the ACT model and begin independent practice. First call will be 1:12 with post-call day off. Second call will be 1:12 with post-call day off guaranteed by 1st quarter of 2022.

Case Variety: general, ortho, ENT, bariatrics, Davincis, plastics, GYN, peds dental, peds ENT, interventional radiology

46 week contract
Salary: $260-280k
Sign on bonus: $20k
Relocation bonus: $20k
Employment Status:
W-2 (Employee) or
1099 (Independent Contractor)
Start Date:
Definite Job
or a Pending Job:
Definite Job
How often will CRNA be on FIRST call?
Every TWELFTH night FIRST call
Day off after FIRST call?
How often will CRNA be on SECOND call?
Every TWELFTH night SECOND call
How often the CRNA
will be doing each of the following:
Chronic Pain Management
Cardiac Anesthesia
Thoracic Anesthesia
Major Vascular Anesthesia
Obstetric Anesthesia
Pediatric Anesthesia
Trauma Anesthesia
Critical Care Medicine
Anesthesia for outpatient surgery
Office based Anesthesia
Administrative/ Leadership Duties
Regional Anesthesia
Preop Screening Clinic
Orthopedic Anesthesia
Acute Pain Service
What percentage of the time will the CRNA be Medically Directed by an anesthesiologist?

Job Information and Duties [ show unanswered questions ]

Is this a Chief CRNA position?
Will CRNA insert Central Venous catheters?
Will CRNA insert arterial catheters?
Will CRNA insert lumbar epidural catheters?
Will CRNA administer spinal anesthesia?
Will CRNA administer Axillary Brachial Plexus Blocks?
Will CRNA administer other regional anesthesia blocks?
Will CRNA be a hospital employee?
Will CRNA be an Anesthesia Group employee?

Job Requirements [ show unanswered questions ]

Subspecialty Fellowship Required?
State License Required
New Mexico
NBCRNA Certification required?

NBCRNA = National Board on Certification
and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists
Is it acceptable to be In the NBCRNA examination process?

NBCRNA = National Board on Certification
and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists
Is it acceptable to be Neither NBCRNA Certified nor in the examining process? 

NBCRNA = National Board on Certification
and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists
Is a current ACLS card required?
Is a current PALS card required?
New Graduates Acceptable?

Salary and Income Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Amount of Sign-on Bonus
Sign-on Bonus commitment
Two yrs
Malpractice Paid?
Amount of Malpractice Coverage?
Does this job provide Salary Income?
Does this job provide time and 1/2 pay for hours greater than 40 in a week?
Weeks Paid Vacation
Medical Insurance Paid
Disability Insurance Paid
Retirement Plan Paid
Does this job provide Income as a Full Partner in a group practice?
Does this job provide Income from Fee-for-service individual practice?
Does this job provide Other Income from Hospital as an employee?

Anesthesia Group Information

Anesthesia Group Name
Main Street Anesthesia
Anesthesia Group Web Site
Does Anesthesia Group have an exclusive contract?

Facility Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Name of Anesthesiologist who is the Medical Director and years with group
Dave Leachman
Name of CRNA who is the Chief CRNA and years with group
Tara Orr
Why is the group needing more CRNAs?
New Contract
Is practice limited to one hospital or involves several hospitals?
One Hospital
Practice involves a Surgery Center
Practice involves Office Based Anesthesia?
Is there an Approved Physician residency program?
Is there Anesthesia training for Physician house staff?
Is there a CRNA training program?
Is there an Anesthesiologist Assistant training program?
City Population
500,000-1 million
City Web Site
Federal Government job?
(Any State license will work)

For example:
•    Veterans Affairs (VA)
•    Military
•    Indian Health

Other [ show unanswered questions ]

Contact Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Company Name
Main Street Anesthesia
Contact Name
John Cherry
Contact Email
Contact City
Contact State
New Mexico
Contact Country
United States
Contact Voice Phone
Preferred Contact Method

Post Information

Date Posted 01/08/21 12:59pm
Last Updated 07/21/21 09:39am
Posted By [email protected]
Reference # 251544
Priority General Posting
Section CRNA
Form Type Job
User Type Group: Private Practice
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