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Senior attending in anaesthesiology and intensive care as well as assistant professor. with 16 years of experience in clinical, research and edu
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50% doing own cases
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Always Medically Directed
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Shahla Siddiqui, MBBS
Senior Consultant, Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, MSc (Ethics)
Fellow Academy of Medicine, Singapore.

Present Titles
Senior Consultant,
Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care,e
Clinical Ethics Consultant,
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore.
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Tong Loo Lin School of Medicine,
National University Singapore.

Office: Yishun, Singapore
Home: Cairnhill rd, Singapore

(Date) 11 July 1970
(Place) Pakistan

Citizenship: Pakistani


Medical: The Age Khan University Medical College, Pakistan 1989-94


Research Assistant: The Aga Khan University Hospital 1994-96
Research Assistant: Massachusetts General Hospital 1996-97
Internship: Long Island Jewish Hospital, USA (Surgery) 1997-98
Residency: University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA (Anesthesiology) 1998-2001
Fellowship: Columbia University, NY, USA (Critical Care Medicine) 2001-02
Master of Science in Medical Ethics, Centre of biomedical ethics,
YLLSOM, National University of Singapore. 2018


Senior Consultant, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore, (2011-present)

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (2011-present)

Consultant, Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, The Aga Khan University Hospital (2002-2011)

Transplant Ethics Committee Singapore, 2015-present
Fellow Academy of Medicine Singapore, 2016-present
National ICU education and research committee, Singapore 2013-present
Undergraduate committee, NUS (Singapore) 2015-present

Ethics consultant and committee member, 2014-present
Clinical research committee, 2013-present
Organ transplant committee (Singapore) 2013-present

Audit and research committee, KTPH 2014-present
Department research committee AKUH 2003
Department Residency Committee AKUH 2004
Secretary, ICU committee AKUH 2006
Coordinator Undergraduate program AKUH 2006
Nutrition Committee AKUH 2007
Dept. Quality Assurance committee AKUH 2010

Critical Care Medicine Fellowship (Columbia University) (2001-2)
Board certified in Anesthesiology (2002)
Board Certified in CCM (2012)
Board re-certified in Anesthesiology (2013)

Masters in Medical ethics, National University of Singapore 2018

Indiana (valid) since USA 2000-present
Singapore (Singapore medical council, and Singapore Specialist accreditation Board) 2011
Pakistan (Pakistan medical and dental Council) 1995

ASA member 2004
SCCM member 2005
SCCM Anesthesiology chapter 2005
SICM (Society of Singapore intensive care medicine) 2012
SSA (Singapore Society of Anesthesia) 2012
ESICM (European society of Intensive Care Medicine) 2016-present

ASA CCM committee 2017-present
SCCM Item writing committee 2017-present
ESICM Sepsis, research committee 2017-present
ASA Grassroots network member 2017-present

Chair ASA CCM subgroup on CCM survey 2017

SERVICE/COMMUNITY WORK____________________________________
SG Cares charity, Singapore 2015-present
SOS village Pakistan- 2014 present
Rotary Club Singapore member and First Lady 2016-present
UNHCR member 2016-present

Editorial Activities

Associate Editor and Reviewer: Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (indexed) 2007
Reviewer URC grant, Aga Khan University, Pakistan 2008
Associate Editor and Reviewer: Journal of Medical Case Reports (indexed) 2008
Reviewer Alexandra health Forum 2014
Reviewer HOMER grant, Singapore 2016
Reviewer STAR grant KTPH, Singapore 2018
Reviewer Singapore Health biomedical congress 2015- present

Book Chapters:

1. Antibiotics in the ICU- Anaesthesia Lecture notes Vol 1 2007
2. Sedation in the ICU – Anaesthesia Lecture Notes Vol 2 2008
3. Handbook of Undergraduate Lectures (see below) 2008
4. Palliative Care in the Elderly- Oxford University Press 2014
5. Cochrane Review book: Early vs late preICU antibiotics in severe sepsis 2012

Invited Speaker:
ASA Panel on Burnout 2018
Ethics course facilitator Imperial College, UK 2018
Sengkang Hospital Ethics lecture, Singapore 2018
AST ethics course Singapore 2017- present
FCCS course 2017- present
SG Anzics Singapore 2017
ICCEC ethics conference, Singapore 2017
KTPH Clinicopathology conference 2017
Royal College of Surgeons, Acute care conference, UK 2016
NUS CBme ABC ethics course, Singapore 2016
Southeast Asian regional Conference 2016
NUS Prime talk on IPE in ICU 2014


The Use of Cortical and Somatosensory Evoked Potentials during Craniotomy for Aneurysm Clipping. Shahla Siddiqui, M.D.; Bryan B. Ferguson; David L. Schreibman, M.D. A269. American Society of Anesthesiology Conference. 2001
Renal cell apoptosis with norepinephrine infusion- Shahla Siddiqui, M.D.; Ayuko Ota-Setlik, M.S.; Charles W. Emala, M.D.; Robert N. Sladen, M.B.; H.T. Lee, M.D., Ph.D. – Columbia University 2002
Urinary Markers of Renal Cell Apoptosis Are Elevated with Exogenous Norepinephrine
Shahla Siddiqui, M.D.; Ayuko Ota-Setlik, M.S.; Charles W. Emala, M.D.; Robert N. Sladen, M.B.; H.T. Lee, M.D., Ph.D. A367,American Society of Anesthesiology Conference. 2002
How early do antibiotics have to be? S Siddiqui, N Salahuddin, J Razzak, A. Reza – Malaysian ICU conference 2007
PA catheter efficacy –S Siddiqui, G. Das, N Salahuddin. Brussels ESICEM, Asian ICU conference HK, 2006, 2007
APACHE II score –S Siddiqui, R Manasia, N Salahuddin, IMD Dubai 2007
Genetics and sepsis- S Siddiqui, F Khan, B Jamil, etal . Health sciences research assembly (HSRA) AKU, Malaysian ICU conf., IMD Dubai 2007
An assessment of expectations of ICU families – S Siddiqui, F Sheikh, R Kamal. Health Sciences research assembly 2005
Antibiotic restriction policy –S Siddiqui, K Hussein N Salahuddin. Health sciences research Assembly AKU 2006
PGE1 nebulisation in ARDS –S Siddiqui, N Salahuddin, A Gilani etal. Health Sciences Research Assembly AKU 2006
Determination of intravascular pedicle width – S Siddiqui, N Salahuddin etal Medicine retreat AKU 2006
Tracheostomies in the ICU –S siddiqui, J Khan PSA Lahore 2006
End of life in the ICU –, N Salahuddin S Shafquat S Siddiqui etal. Health Sciences research assembly AKU 2006
Viral hemorrhagic fever –S Siddiqui, A Asghar. HSRA AKU, PSA Karachi 2007
Delays in ICU consults – S Siddiqui, Q Hoda etal. HSRA AKU 2007
BIS monitoring in a difficult airway –F Shafiq, S Siddiqui. HSRA AKU 2008
Clinical characteristics and outcome of sepsis – S Siddiqui, F Khan, B Jamil- 2009
Anaesthesia research retreat AKU 2009
Clinical characteristics and outcome of sepsis: a perspective from a tertiary care hospital in Karachi Pakistan. – S. Siddiqui, B. Jamil, F. Khan, etal. HSRA AKU 2010
Differential associations of proinflammatory (IL6) and down regulatory (IL10) cytokine with mortality – B. Jamil, S.Siddiqui etal. HSRA AKU 2010
Effect of clinical clerkship on attitude of medical students towards anaesthesia as a career choice in a developing country – F. Khan, F. Minai, S. Siddiqui. HSRA AKU 2010
Fat Embolism Syndrome – S. Javed, S. Siddiqui – PSA Karachi. 2010
Effect of inhaled PGE1 on diastolic dysfunction, LVEDP, pulmonary hyperension and hypoxia in ARDS patients – S. Siddiqui, N. Salahuddin, S. Zubair, etal. Sharjah, UAE. 2010
Audit on peri operative Midazolam and sedation – S. Mohammad, S. Siddiqui.UAE 2010
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LMA use in OT- Alexandra Health forum 2012
ICU database- Alexandra Health forum 2012
Plan- Pancreatitis, trauma and sepsis databases 2013
2nd Singapore ANZICS – readmissions, database, trauma 2013
ASEAN – readmissions 2013
SHBC – database, LMA audit, trauma 2013
APMEC – Singapore: ‘Surgeons take on End of Life’ 2014
AACA – Auckland: ‘Laryngeal Mask Airway SupremeTM in Critical Care Unit Rescue Airway Situation 2014
Trauma Singapore 2014- Gose scores, Trauma outcomes 2014
ANZCA, RACS, Singapore- IPE, throat pack, mentor, QOL 2014
AH Fest 2014 – mentor, IPE, septic shock 2014
APMEC poster on IPE in ICU 2015
ASA Ebola knowledge, PTSD in ICU staff 2015
Singapore health biomedical conference- ARDS prevalence, ICU IPE, Research attitude 2015
SG Duke conference- 4 TAPS in Whipple, Survey on epidurals 2015
ICCEC Washington, USA- Moral tensions in ICU 2016
NUS annual graduate conference 2016
ESICM, Milan- ARDS prevalence in Singapore 2016
Ethics conference Hawaii, USA-Dementia 2016
APMEC Singapore- Ethics rounds 2016
SCCM- Surrogate decision making, Cytokine profile in sepsis 2018

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Seed money : An Assessment of expectations of families of patients admitted in the ICU- 2007
URC grant: Towards unraveling the molecular and genetic architectures of sepsis in a Pakistani Population. –- $ 26,000. 2008
HEC grant: An Assessment of expectations of families of patients admitted in the ICU- 2008
PMRC grant: Trial of inhaled iloprost to improve hypoxia and pulmonary hypertension. RCT on inhaled PGE1 for ARDS and PAH 2008
Alexandra health seed grant: S$ 7000 – ICU database 2013
NMRC grant S$ 7000, Establishing an ICU database 2013
AH Educational grant S$2000 IPE in ICU for undergraduates 2014
RISE grant, KTPH - End of life database 2015
AHEG grant S$5000 -Realities and expectations of ICU care 2015
STAR 1 Grant S$ 160,000- Genecyss study (Genomic sepsis study) 2015
STAR 2 grant S$200,000- Towards a better sepsis marker- Genecyss II 2018

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