Reference #278127   High Priority Posting - CRNA Job - (Facility: Hospital)

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Essential Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Facility Name:
WVU Medicine - Summersville Regional Medical Center
Facility Street:
400 Fairview Heights Road
Facility City:
Facility State:
West Virginia
Facility Zip Code:
Facility Country:
United States
Facility Website or Video Link
Duration of position:
Full Time
Brief Description:
General Cases - No OB, No Cardiac.

Call Pay for Nights/Weekends.
Full Description:
The successful incumbent must be comfortable working with autonomy and outside the day-to-day supervision of an Anesthesiologist.

The CRNA provides anesthetic care for all types of patients and procedures in cooperation with the supervising or medically directing physician and under the standards of the Department of Anesthesiology and in accordance with hospital policies and procedures. The CRNA administers anesthesia to patients rendering them insensitive to pain during surgery/procedures. Provide continuous vigilant observation of patients by monitoring the patient’s physical reaction to sedatives, analgesics, and anesthetic agents and informs the anesthesiologist of any adverse condition that potentially threatens the safety or care of the patient.


1. Current licensure as a Registered Nurse in the State of West Virginia is required.

2. Board Certified or Recertified by the Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists required.

CORE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The statements described here are intended to describe the general nature of work being performed by people assigned to this position. They are not intended to be constructed as an all-inclusive list of all responsibilities and duties. Other duties may be assigned.

Patient safety shall be of utmost importance.

CRNAs shall maintain excellence in airway management and shall be familiar in the usage of all airway adjuncts. i.e., bullard, fiberoptic scope, ILMA, etc.

CRNAs shall work within their scope of delineated clinical privileges.

Take appropriate precautions to minimize risks of infection of patients, and other health care professionals.

Shall maintain the appropriate confidentiality of patient information at all times.

Participate in the pre-anesthetic evaluation of the patients and the selection of anesthetic agents and techniques.

Perform appropriate techniques of the anesthetic plan such as, but not limited to, insertion of intravenous catheters, insertion of invasive monitoring catheters according to established protocol; endotracheal intubation and extubation; performing arterial punctures for interpretation of arterial blood gases.

Monitor the patient’s physical response to the anesthetic and informs of any adverse condition. Manage the anesthesia process to include induction, maintenance, and emergence of general, regional, and monitored anesthesia cases. Recognize abnormal patient responses to anesthesia or to any adjunctive medication or form of therapy. Initiate corrective measures. Determine the need for additional laboratory tests and provide resuscitative care as necessary. Evaluate and manage the patient in the immediate post-operative period.

Administer IV fluids relative to the patient’s medical history and surgical procedure. Administer blood products after obtaining a hematocrit and then consultation.

Appropriately document the patient status in the anesthesia record.

Perform all required safety and performance checks on anesthesia-related equipment and verify the appropriate supplies before initiating care. Procure and assemble equipment and supplies as indicated if anesthesia tech is not available.

In accordance with departmental and regulatory compliance standards, CRNA will review appropriate documentation for informed consent and identify appropriate surgical site during SBAR with circulating RN and holding room RN. Participate in surgical pause in the OR with entire surgical team in accordance with departmental and regulatory compliance standards.

Communicate appropriately with all individuals involved in the peri-operative and post-operative care of the patient.

In a life-threatening emergency, function responsibly by providing anesthesia care in the absence of an anesthesiologist.

Assume responsibility and is accountable for controlled substances according to department and hospital policy and State and federal guidelines.

Maintain all required continuing education credits, credentialing, professional licensure, insurance payor enrollment (as required by WVU Healthcare - UHA), and completion of all required employer training(Computer Based Learning) on time.

Must maintain a level of professionalism at all times

Must be able to provide anesthesia for all levels of cases except Cardiac, Pediatrics.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

1.Ability to see details at close range (within a few feet of the observer).

2. Must deal calmly and effectively with high stress situations; ability to maintain composure.

3. Requires being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations.

4. Being open to change and to considerable variety in the workplace.

5. Able to work congenially with individual differences in ability, personality, and interests.

WORKING ENVIRONMENT: The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

1. May be in close contact with individuals who have infec­tious diseases and with toxic, harmful, or potentially hazard­ous compounds, solutions, and medications.

2. Must observe rigid, standardized guidelines to guard against disease and other dangers, such as those posed by radiation, accidental needle sticks, chemicals used to sterilize instruments, and anesthetics. In addition, may be vulnerable to back injury when moving patients.
Employment Status:
W-2 (Employee) or
1099 (Independent Contractor)
Start Date:
Definite Job
or a Pending Job:
Definite Job
How often will CRNA be on FIRST call?
FIRST Call frequency varies
Day off after FIRST call?
How often will CRNA be on SECOND call?
Infrequent SECOND Call (See Full Description)
How often the CRNA
will be doing each of the following:
Chronic Pain Management
Cardiac Anesthesia
Thoracic Anesthesia
Major Vascular Anesthesia
Obstetric Anesthesia
Pediatric Anesthesia
Trauma Anesthesia
Critical Care Medicine
Anesthesia for outpatient surgery
Office based Anesthesia
Administrative/ Leadership Duties
Regional Anesthesia
Preop Screening Clinic
Orthopedic Anesthesia
Acute Pain Service
What percentage of the time will the CRNA be Medically Directed by an anesthesiologist?

Job Information and Duties [ show unanswered questions ]

Number of CRNAs needed?
Is this a Chief CRNA position?

Job Requirements [ show unanswered questions ]

Subspecialty Fellowship Required?
State License Required
West Virginia
NBCRNA Certification required?

NBCRNA = National Board on Certification
and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists
Is it acceptable to be "In the NBCRNA examination process"?

NBCRNA = National Board on Certification
and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists
Is it acceptable to be "Neither NBCRNA Certified nor in the examining process?"

NBCRNA = National Board on Certification
and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists
Is a current ACLS card required?
Is a current PALS card required?
New Graduates Acceptable?

Salary and Income Information

Amount of Sign-on Bonus
Sign-on Bonus commitment
Malpractice Paid?
Amount of Malpractice Coverage?
Does this job provide Salary Income?
Does this job provide time and 1/2 pay for hours greater than 40 in a week?
Weeks Paid Educational Leave
1 Week
Weeks Paid Vacation
6 Weeks
Medical Insurance Paid
Disability Insurance Paid
Retirement Plan Paid
6% Pension Contribution
Interview Expenses Paid
Does this job provide Percentage Income?
Does this job provide Income as a Full Partner in a group practice?
Does this job provide Income from Fee-for-service individual practice?
Does this job provide Other Income from Hospital as an employee?

Anesthesia Group Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Facility Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Is practice limited to one hospital or involves several hospitals?
One Hospital
Is there a CRNA training program?
Number of surgical cases per year
Number of OB deliveries per year
Federal Government job?
(Any State license will work)

For example:
•    Veterans Affairs (VA)
•    Military
•    Indian Health

Other [ show unanswered questions ]

Contact Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Company Name
WVU Medicine
Contact Name
Lauren Solosky
Contact Email
Contact Street Address 1
JW Ruby Memorial Hospital
Contact Street Address 2
PO Box 8121
Contact City
Contact Zip Code
Contact Country
United States
Contact Web Site
Preferred Contact Method

Post Information

Date Posted 05/17/19 02:02pm
Last Updated 05/21/19 10:27am
Posted By (Lauren Solosky)
Reference # 278127
Priority High Priority Posting
Section CRNA
Form Type Job
User Type Facility: Hospital
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