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Gary Peterson (Danny)
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Gary Peterson
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4502 Hockaday Pl
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United States
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General anesthesiologist looking to relocate to Utah to be closer to family. Will finish training in July 2020.
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Chronic Pain Management
Cardiac Anesthesia
Thoracic Anesthesia
Major Vascular Anesthesia
Obstetric Anesthesia
Pediatric Anesthesia
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Critical Care Medicine
Anesthesia for outpatient surgery
Office based Anesthesia
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Preop Screening Clinic
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90% doing own cases
What would be the Anesthesiologist's preference regarding CRNAs in a job situation doing Operative Cases that are not medically directed by an anesthesiologist?
What would be the Anesthesiologist's preference regarding CRNAs in a job situation doing Labor Epidurals that are not Medically directed by an anesthesiologist?
Does the Anesthesiologist want a job where there is an Approved Physician Anesthesia residency program?
No Preference
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No Preference
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No Preference
Does the Anesthesiologist want a job where there is an Anesthesiologist's Assistant training program?
No Preference
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No Preference
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No Preference

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Nova Southeastern University
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University of Missouri
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In the examination system
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Currently in training on track to take ABA advanced exam July 2020
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University of Missouri
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1 Hospital Dr.
Columbia MO 65201
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Desire to be closer to home.

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4502 Hockaday PL, Columbia MO 65202| 801-671-7383 |
July 2016 – Present
Columbia, Missouri
Anesthesia Resident Physician, University of Missouri Hospital
July 2012 - May 2016
Davie, Florida
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Nova Southeastern University
August 2008-May 2012
Ogden, Utah
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, Weber State University
May 2019-2020
Columbia, Missouri
Chief Resident, University of Missouri
· Single position, voted on by co-residents and faculty.
· Conflict resolution between personnel.
· Weekend/vacation call schedule.
· Implemented new didactic series .
· Assigned reading schedule.
July 2018 – July 2019
Columbia, Missouri
Medical student advisor, University of Missouri
· Advocated/promoted anesthesia as a specialty.
· Conducted educational IV/Airway labs throughout the year.
· Responsible for student assignments/evaluations.
May 2007-2012
Layton, Utah
President, Babble Brook LLC
· Co-developed an innovative baby bottle that allowed for convenient and safe mixing of baby formula for infants.
· Self-taught on how to use complicated CAD software for developing prototype.
· Raised capital, managed funds, and established LLC.
March 2008-Aug. 2011
Ogden, Utah
Sales Manager, Sam T. Evans Truck Accessories and Trailer Sales
· Managed four-person sales team.
· Motivated the sales team with weekly sales meetings.
· Coordinated schedules, and advertising.
· Maintained customer relationships by resolving customer satisfaction complaints.
October 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah
Producer/Promotor, “The Haunting”
· Produced a Halloween party for 2500+ college students at the Huntsman center on the University of Utah campus.
· Brokered sponsorship with Rock Star Energy a major energy drink manufacturer.
· Organized and scheduled inspections and proper permits.
February 2007-Oct. 2007
Vernal ,Utah
General Contractor, Speculation Home
· Negotiated terms on property and construction loans.
· Managed materials accounts.
· Obtained permits, and code inspections dealing with local municipalities.
· Performed all labor, including concrete, framing, roofing, and paint.
August 2002-Oct. 2007
Vernal, Utah
Foreman, Maguire Construction
· Managed framing, and concrete crew labor.
· Negotiated, scheduled and paid for subcontractor labor and materials.
· Completed permit applications, and lot layout.
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June 2018 Kenneth K. Keown MD, Memorial Award for CA1 Resident of the Year
February 2018 1 of 15 residents nominated by medical students for AOA
May 2012 Graduated Cum Laude from Weber State University.
December 2001 Eagle Scout Award.
September 2018 – Present
Columbia, Missouri
Nasoduodenal tube with gastric vent
· Development of tube designed for infants placed on HFNC to help minimize gastric distention, and allow for feeding
while maximizing airflow through the nares.
August 2011-Mar 2012
Ogden, Utah
Pseudomonas aeruginosa and biofilm resistance
· Conceptualized and conducted majority of experiments.
· Developed innovative ways of measuring growth on biofilm using alcohol wash.
· Authored abstract, procedure, and conclusion of paper.
April 2011-Oct. 2011
Ogden, Utah
Bacteriophage infected E. coli
· Research on abnormal streaking pattern of bacteriophage infected E. coli.
· Honed laboratory skills, including making media, aseptic techniques, PCR, and calculating dilutions.
October 2019
Orlando, Florida
· Management of pregnant patient with PAI deficiency.
October 2018
San Francisco, California
· Piriformis Syndrome
· Direct laryngoscopy intubation in a patient with severe thoracic kyphosis
March 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio
· Management of a pregnant patient with severely prolonged QTc
July 2019 – Present
Columbia, Missouri
Desflurane utilization
· Involved in designing the protocol for EMR mining to establish usage.
· Hope to reduce the overuse of a volatile anesthetic that is known to be harmful to the environment.
February 2018
Columbia, Missouri
CICU handoff
· Involved in creating a streamlined protocol for patient handoff of CICU patients.
· Improved patient safety by decreasing time from room to vitals.
· Standardized communication of vital information to nursing staff.
2018 ABA Basic exam – Pass
ACLS/PALS certification
2017 COMLEX Level 3 – Pass
2015 COMLEX Level 2 – Pass
USMLE Step 2 – Pass
2014 COMLEX Level 1 – Pass
USMLE Step 1 - Pass
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· I love working with my hands. I enjoy working on automobiles, which I started as a teenager. I modified and drove cars in four demolition derbies and
built three different street/race cars.
· Being physically fit has always been a priority of mine. I enjoy, and participate in various team sports including basketball and softball. I also enjoy
swimming, weightlifting and golf.
· Actively involved in church activities, including Sunday school lessons, weekly religious meetings, and various community service activities.

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