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Essential Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Facility Name:
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Facility Street:
333 Cottman Ave
Facility City:
Facility State:
Facility Zip Code:
Facility Country:
United States
Facility Website or Video Link
Duration of position:
Full Time
Brief Description:
Fox Chase Cancer Center is now hiring a CRNA to join our team!
Full Description:
Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) - Full Time - SNRA Candidates Considered!

Fox Chase Cancer Center is seeking a CRNA to join our team.

Position Overview:

CRNAs at Fox Chase provide anesthesia for complex surgical oncology patients. They enjoy a broad scope of practice including central neuraxial and other regional blocks in a supportive and collegial anesthesia care team environment. We are proud of the excellent working relationship that exists between Anesthesiologists and CRNAs in order to provide the highest level of care to our patients.

New grads are welcome as we provide an extensive mentorship and orientation program, which enables the acquisition of skills and integrates new providers into our team. Our staff is actively involved in teaching SRNAs.

Our Flexible scheduling is fair and not based on seniority. CRNAs are expected to respond to emergencies and perform airway management outside the OR as required. CRNAs take call from home.

CRNAs are expected to approach process improvement proactively and collaborate with members of the department. CRNAs consistently attend departmental meetings, sit on various committees and participate in departmental projects.
Benefits for CRNA's

- Earn up to $250K per year
- Free garage parking
- Preference scheduling (at your preference) including call days
- Off the day after your post call day
- Holiday (beeper call) only once per year
- Banked holidays
- No OB unit so call in is rare
- 41 days of total PTO time
- One week of paid conference time
- CRNA professional allowance $2500 per year
- SRNA’s Considered


-Bachelor’s Degree: Nursing (Required)
-Master’s Degree: Nursing or Science (Required)


-1 Year experience in critical care nursing as part of successful completion of CRNA program (Required)
-2 Years’ experience as a CRNA (Preferred)
-SRNA applicants considered


-CRNA - Cert Registered Nurse Anesthetist (Required)
-RN-LIC - PA Registered Nurse License (Required)
-ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support (Required)
-BLS - Basic Life Support (Required)


Equal Opportunity Employer
Employment Status:
W-2 (Employee) or
1099 (Independent Contractor)
Start Date:
Definite Job
or a Pending Job:
Definite Job
Day off after FIRST call?
How often will CRNA be on SECOND call?
Will NOT be on SECOND call
How often the CRNA
will be doing each of the following:
Chronic Pain Management
Cardiac Anesthesia
Thoracic Anesthesia
Major Vascular Anesthesia
Obstetric Anesthesia
Pediatric Anesthesia
Trauma Anesthesia
Critical Care Medicine
Anesthesia for outpatient surgery
Office based Anesthesia
Administrative/ Leadership Duties
Regional Anesthesia
Preop Screening Clinic
Orthopedic Anesthesia
Acute Pain Service
What percentage of the time will the CRNA be Medically Directed by an anesthesiologist?
If the CRNA will be Medically Directed by an Anesthesiologist, who administers the induction agents?
Sometimes CRNA, Sometimes anesthesiologist

Job Information and Duties [ show unanswered questions ]

Number of CRNAs needed?
Is this a Chief CRNA position?
Will CRNA insert Central Venous catheters?
Will CRNA insert arterial catheters?
Will CRNA insert lumbar epidural catheters?
Will CRNA administer spinal anesthesia?
Will CRNA administer Axillary Brachial Plexus Blocks?
Will CRNA administer other regional anesthesia blocks?
Will CRNA be a hospital employee?
Will CRNA be an Anesthesia Group employee?

Job Requirements [ show unanswered questions ]

Subspecialty Fellowship Required?
State License Required
NBCRNA Certification required?

NBCRNA = National Board on Certification
and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists
Is it acceptable to be In the NBCRNA examination process?

NBCRNA = National Board on Certification
and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists
Is it acceptable to be Neither NBCRNA Certified nor in the examining process? 

NBCRNA = National Board on Certification
and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists
Is a current ACLS card required?
Is a current PALS card required?
New Graduates Acceptable?

Salary and Income Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Malpractice Paid?
Does this job provide Salary Income?
Does this job provide time and 1/2 pay for hours greater than 40 in a week?
Weeks Paid Educational Leave
1 Week
Weeks Paid Vacation
4 Weeks
Medical Insurance Paid
Options available
Disability Insurance Paid
Options available
Retirement Plan Paid
Options available
Interview Expenses Paid
Does this job provide Percentage Income?
Does this job provide Income as a Full Partner in a group practice?
Does this job provide Income from Fee-for-service individual practice?
Does this job provide Other Income from Hospital as an employee?

Anesthesia Group Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Facility Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Is practice limited to one hospital or involves several hospitals?
One Hospital
Practice involves a Surgery Center
Practice involves Office Based Anesthesia?

Other [ show unanswered questions ]

Contact Information [ show unanswered questions ]

Company Name
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Company internal Job ID Number for this position
Contact Name
Lauren Forbes
Contact Email
Contact State
Contact Country
United States
Contact Web Site
Preferred Contact Method

Post Information

Date Posted 11/21/19 01:08pm
Last Updated 11/21/19 01:08pm
Posted By
Reference # 290218
Priority Priority Posting
Section CRNA
Form Type Job
User Type Recruitment Agency
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