Reference #293838   High Priority Posting - CRNA Job - (Facility: Hospital)

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Facility Name:
Mount Carmel New Albany
Facility Street:
7333 Smith's Mill Road
Facility City:
New Albany
Facility State:
Facility Zip Code:
Facility Country:
United States
Facility Website or Video Link
Duration of position:
Full Time
Brief Description:
Director of Perioperative Services
Full Description:
The Director of Perioperative Services works collaboratively with all members of the healthcare team to provide administrative support and direction to a group of managers within Perioperative Services. Responsible for quality and standards of patient care, performance improvement, program management, business operations, budget and resource utilization, and management development for designated areas.

•Managing Performance: Provides coaching, support, guidance and developmental opportunities for managers in designated areas; evaluates performance in terms of skills, knowledge, ability and productivity.
•Develops managers to effectively recruit, develop, counsel, manage and retain staff. Supports fair and consistent Human Resource policy execution.
•Planning: Collaborates with all disciplines on the healthcare team and within the Organization to develop goals and objectives, performance targets and business and strategic plans as appropriate for designated areas. Develops new programs in response to identified community, organizational and/or patient needs.
•Financial Performance: Ensures financial performance and profitability of designated areas through the development and monitoring of the operating and capital budgets and department contracts in accordance with the Finance Department’s standards.
•Performance Improvement: Oversees and directs quality monitoring for designated areas, focusing on optimal patient outcomes, regulatory, compliance, risk management, and continuous quality and process improvement.
•Communication: Develops and maintains effective working relationships with all stakeholders and community organizations to promote service to all customers. Fosters an environment that ensures designated areas have the information necessary to function optimally.

•Master's degree in nursing, healthcare, business or other related field required
•Current license to practice in the State of Ohio
•Minimum of five years recent healthcare experience, with three years in first line management preferred
•Demonstrates ability to assess, develop and mentor a patient care team
•Evidence of effective leadership and management abilities/potential
•BLS healthcare provider training required
•ACLS healthcare provider training, if applicable
•Professional certification preferred
Employment Status:
W-2 (Employee) or
1099 (Independent Contractor)
Start Date:
Definite Job
or a Pending Job:
Definite Job
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Company Name
Mount Carmel Health System
Contact Name
Sharon Himmel
Contact Email

Post Information

Date Posted 11/20/19 02:59pm
Last Updated 11/22/19 08:21am
Posted By
Reference # 293838
Priority High Priority Posting
Section CRNA
Form Type Job
User Type Facility: Hospital
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