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Would like take this opportunity to thank your website for assisting us in finding our new employee. We had several inquiries during our hunt. We wish to thank you for your help in providing us a forum to advertise on.
Thank you for all you do at gaswork.com - you really are a tremendously important resource for us and the physicians!
Martha, Staffing Associate
A note to say thanks for service. I found my initial job in New England through you in 1999, then have used your process to recruit 3 colleagues in the past couple of years.
Thanks more than you can imagine!!
We are extremely pleased with the results we have gotten from GasWork.com.
Mark, Recruiter
As a physician-owned company, GasWork.com is more responsive to physician request and the ever-changing health care industry than competing websites. Other companies would want you to fit their mold, while GasWork.com adjusts and customizes your advertisement/account with efficiency and dedication.

GasWork.com has been a catalyst in marketing many of our successful groups. As a billing and practice management company we frequently utilize GasWork.com services to facilitate Full-Time-Employee (FTE) and/or locum tenens arrangements for clients and prospects. This website has provided the tools necessary to decipher among attractive opportunities for both physicians and the laymen.

RC Mclean & Associates, Inc., primary objective is to create profitable business structures for anesthesiologist and hospital administration. This web site, www.gaswork.com, transcends the same methodology through every applicant.

I look forward to their continued success and innovative marketing techniques.
Matt McConnell, Sales and Marketing Director
RC McLean & Associates, Inc.
Gaswork's niche allows us to post positions and receive pre-qualified candidates unlike other broad-based sites!
Charlie D. Ray
GasWork has been a great source for tracking the CRNA market.
GasWork.com is a wonderful service and help in recruiting CRNAs and MDAs.  Thank You!
AW, Hospital Recruiter
Gaswork came through!!!!   I have signed a contract with ***** Anesthesia and will be the Director of Anesthesia at *******.  I start on October 26th.
Board Certified Anesthesiologist
Dear GasWork.com,

We had postings for a general surgeon, a gastroenterologist, and an anesthesiologist at our VA for over a year on another website. We got around eight applications for general surgery, two for GI, and a dozen for anesthesiologists over the year. None of the applicants were acceptable or willing to take the position. Over half the applicants were already in the government system and knew to look at other website.

Since we posted our CRNA position and upgraded to a priority post, we have gotten two to six applicants A DAY! The resumes look generally very good. There is no doubt that this is a far better way to seek applicants, compared with just posting on other websites. Since our VISN and administration have rarely even allowed us to advertise in the medical journals (and the cost often is around $2000 for advertisements in good journals), this is a much better system.


Chief of Surgery
Oregon Veterans Hospital
***, Chief of Surgery
Veterans Hospital
Over the past year or so we have actually found a couple really good people from GasWork! Another site which I’ll keep nameless was much more expensive, hard to use, and yielded zip!
GasWork.com is awesome!
I found my current job thru GasWork.com.
Just don't put an "s" after the "k" in GasWork.com.
William, Anesthesiologist

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