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Title GasWork iPhone Apps
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Posted on Aug. 22nd 2019  2:38pm
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For over 22 years, has continued to be the go to place for anesthesia jobs. Now, we have three separate iPhone apps: 1. GasWork MD for Physician Anesthesiologists 2. GasWork CRNA for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists 3. GasWork AA for Anesthesiologist Assistants Our free iPhone apps continually mirror the website so you can peruse the thousands of anesthesia opportunities which are constantly changing. After you have clicked on a post and seen the job details, that post is marked as, "Read", so you'll know what jobs you have already looked at. If you want to save a job post so you can find it again, you can swipe left to "Save." Alternatively, on the job details page you can click the hamburger menu icon (three bars) to see a "Save" button. That menu icon will also allow you to Share, Inquire By Email, or possibly Inquire By Web. You can search all the jobs by State or Duration of Position (Full Time, Locum Tenens, etc).